Where business, health and media intersect. A round-up of top headlines from the past week:

DAILY NEWS: No Toys for Kids’ Fatty Meals
City officials want kids’ fast-food meals to be not just happy — but also healthy. New York Councilman Ben Kallos has introduced a bill that would set stricter nutrition standards for kids’ meals, barring fast-food joints from offering free toys, coupons and other kids’ meal perks if the meal contains more than 500 calories and more than 600 mg of sodium. We’re reminded of the abominable kids’ alfredo pasta dish at the Cheesecake Factory that serves over 1,200 calories to the kiddos. Ugh! Click here for the full story.

ABC NEWS: How Real Is the Looming Nutella Shortage?
Nutella fans across the country erupted in panic over rumors that the price of the beloved chocolate-hazelnut spread would sky-rocket due to poor weather in Turkey, where approximately 70 percent of the world’s hazelnuts originate. The horror! We have to roll our eyes at a “food shortage” story that involves the possible-though-unlikely inflation on a high-calorie, high-sugar spread that should be kept for special occasions anyway. (For a healthier hazelnut fix, we highly recommend Justin’s Chocolate Hazelnut Butter with 1/3 the sugar of Nutella). Click here for the full story.

BUSINESS WEEK: Starbucks Trucks to Follow Zonked College Kids Around Campus
Starbucks trucks are peddling fresh, hot espresso around college campuses as part of a pilot operation aimed at the chain’s coveted demographic. College kids love coffee, and nearly 50% of them are willing to pay (dad’s dollars?) for the fancy stuff, according to a recent study. We’d take a visit from this truck over the ice cream guy any day! Guesses as to what the caffeine-charged jingle might sound like? Click here for the full story

RESTAURANT HOSPITALITY: Dessert Is the Main Event for Many Diners
And we always thought men who ordered dessert were effeminate! Turns out men are twice as likely as women to consider the dessert menu first when choosing a restaurant, according to a recent study. And while diners in general are opting for small bites and deals, one-third are still splurging on dessert. (You know: I’ll just have this little appetizer and a hunk of cheesecake.) The studies reveal interesting trends for restaurateurs who often overlook the after-dinner indulgence. Click here for the fully story.