Where business, health and media intersect. A round-up of top headlines from the past week:

WSJ: New Ban Hits School Bake Sales
It’s been a rough summer for cupcake fans. First Crumbs got the royal boot; and now, a federal law that aims to curb childhood obesity means that, in dozens of states, bake sales must adhere to nutrition requirements that would replace cupcakes and brownies with fruit cups and granola bars. Click here for the bittersweet story.

NPR: One Step To Combat Obesity: Make Stairs More Attractive
Think StairMaster a la Gone with the Wind. Architects want to return to the days when stairways were grand—focal points that people actually wanted to climb, unlike modern flights that are often stuck in a corner, ugly and hard to find. Quite frankly my dear, if you give a damn, click here for full story.

SCIENCE DAILY: Crowdsourcing May Help Dieters Lose Weight
Before you shell out beaucoup dollars on a dietician, consider this: A recent study found that crowdsourcing was just as helpful at helping dieters correctly identify healthy foods and give them feedback as the advice of trained experts. Click here for the full story, and then call a friend for diet analysis.

SCIENCE DAILY: Pump Up The Music – Especially The Bass – To Make You Feel Powerful
Pop quiz! Which is the more powerful jam: Queen’s “We Will Rock You” or Baha Men’s “Who Let the Dogs Out”? If you guessed the former, you win! According to fascinating new research, music truly does make us feel powerful. But not all songs have the same effect, and the levels of bass are a key factor in their effectiveness. Click here to read the full story, and compile your power playlist today.

THE ATLANTIC: The Restaurant Menu That Nudges People Toward Healthy Food
We love words, innovative design, and health food; so you can imagine the drool fest we had over this story. Brian Wansink, a Cornell University professor of food marketing, thinks that redesigning restaurant menus with research on the descriptors and logos that turn dieters on and off could lead patrons to healthy choices. Click here for the full story.