Eat This, Not That! Launches New Podcast Series with Cadence13

NEW YORK, Jan. 18, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Eat This, Not That!, the leading mass-market brand focused on nutrition, together with Cadence13, the leading creator of premium, on-demand audio entertainment, has officially launched their first podcast: Eat This, Not That! written and produced by David Zinczenko and Jon Hammond, this new audio series takes the guesswork out of all things eating healthy. Whether it’s what to eat on the go, what to pack for lunch, or how to stock your pantry and fill your shopping cart, Eat This, Not That! shows you once and for all how to chow down on your favorite foods, guilt-free. You’ll eat what you want, when you want—and watch the pounds disappear.

Listeners will join Zinczenko (a bestselling author and Nutrition and Wellness Correspondent for the Today Show) and co-host Hammond, as they dive into the leading health news and food choices, breaking them down into a “what you need to know” take away. Eat This, Not That! is available to subscribe and listen to on-demand through Apple Podcasts among other distribution outlets. To listen and subscribe, please visit Apple Podcasts.

“Eating better doesn’t need to be hard,” said Zinczenko. “The Eat This, Not That! podcast continues a mission I dedicated myself to more than a decade ago: making sure being healthier and happier was easier for everyone. The first Eat This, Not That! book started a food revolution, and today with, our quarterly magazine and now this podcast, we can reach even more Americans and help them make the right choice—every time.”

The Eat This, Not That! podcast is the latest extension of the influential brand introduced as a bestselling book series by Dave Zinczenko in 2007. Today, thanks to the work done by Eat This, Not That!, restaurants now post their calorie counts on their websites and menus. Instead of hiding their nutrition, chains from Boston Market to California Pizza Kitchen are introducing healthier options and letting us make informed choices about the most important choice of all—what we put into our bodies.

“We literally make hundreds of food choices each and every day,” said Hammond. “Thankfully, armed with the smart and talented team behind Eat This, Not That!, as well as a roster of nutrition and wellness experts, Dave and I can make deciding what to eat one less thing you have to worry about.”

“In the new Eat This, Not That! podcast, Dave and Jon share their knowledge and enthusiasm for being smarter about eating what you want in a uniquely fun, engaging and informative way,” said Chris Corcoran, Chief Content Office of Cadence13. “It’s the perfect show to start out the new year with.”

Source: PRNewswire