Where business, health and media intersect. A round-up of top headlines from the past week:

WSJ: How Many Bites Do You Take A Day?
If you are the slightest bit OCD, stop reading, as this news will undoubtedly preoccupy your mind at every meal henceforth. Researchers have determined the ideal number of bites per day that are ideal for weight loss: 100. (Are you counting yet?) Thankfully, The Bite Monitor, a $200 watch-like gadget that tracks your chews would take care of the number crunching. In the meantime, we’re hopelessly self-conscious of our every bite! Click here for the full story.

SCIENCE DAILY: Size Matters When Convincing Your Brain To Eat Healthier Foods
Thanks for dining with us! And which vice-virtue bundle would you like to order this evening? Intrigued? We are too! Turns out playing with portions of good and not-so-good-for-you foods can make for more successful dieting. The trick is not eliminating naughty foods, but rather, reducing the “vice” food portions and beefing up the healthy stuff to satisfy a calculated “taste-health balance point.” The resulting plate is what researchers dub the “vice-virtue bundle.” Click here for the full story.

WSJ: See-Through Food Packaging Boosts Sales
What do KIND bars have in common with Kim Kardashian? Baring all to boost sales and learning that stripping down has pros … and cons. And it’s not just KIND bars. From yogurt to chips, more and more food products are showing up in clear packaging. The thinking: Shoppers are more inclined to buy when they see what they’re getting. The caveat: Clear packaging is hard to make, expensive to produce and shortens shelf life due to light exposure. Click here for the full story.

NY TIMES: How High-End Juices Extract Money From Consumers
We’re juice snobs here at Galvanized (especially since publishing Candice Kumai’s outrageously delicious Clean Green Drinks collection), so this story was right up our alley. And what we found most interesting was the reporter’s cost-per-calorie analysis on high-end and chain products. Six cents per calorie!?! Sweet Baby Juice-us! Click here for the full story.

SCIENCE DAILY: Temporary Tattoo Biobatteries Produce Power From Sweat
Gyms are about to get a whole lot smellier. Researchers have designed a sensor in the form of a temporary tattoo that can both monitor a person’s progress during exercise and produce power  … from their sweat. Click here for the full story.