Where business, health and media intersect. A round-up of top headlines from the past week:

WSJ: Google’s New Moonshot Project: The Human Body

Is there a genetic blueprint for the perfectly healthy human body? Google has set out to discover just that. The ambitious project, called Baseline Study, has 70-to-100 experts from various fields looking at anonymous genetic and molecular information from 175 people—and later thousands more—to create the fullest picture of what a healthy human being should be. We’re geeking out at the news and what the project could mean for preventative care. Huge! Click here for the full story.

SCIENCE DAILY: The 92% Clean Plate Club: You’re Not Alone In Eating Everything On Your Plate
Mom told us to clean our plates before leaving the dinner table. And 92% of us listened! A new Cornell University study shows that the average adult eats 92% of whatever he or she puts on his/her plate — scary when you think of gargantuan restaurant portions. Diet tip: Ask your waiter to doggie bag half your entree before bringing your meal to the table. Click here for the full story.

WSJ: As Cereal Slips, A New Battle Over Breakfast Dollars
With low-carb diets like Paleo continuing to thrive, and recent news that skipping the first meal of the day may not impact weight loss after all, profiting off breakfast — especially cereal — has become a bit of a doozy. But major US restaurants are convinced there’s money to be made, and they’re furiously brainstorming convenient, high-protein options to win to breakfast battle out-right. Click here for the full story

NPR: Some Food Producers Are Quietly Dumping GMO Ingredients (AUDIO)
Major food producers like General Mills and Ben & Jerry’s are now creating GMO-free products. But you won’t find a label on the box highlighting the change. For whatever strategic reason, many corporations are keeping mum about their GMO stance — perhaps because as they create these products, they simultaneously fight state initiatives that would require them to give consumers more information about their ingredients. Hmm … We wonder what other secrets these companies have to hide (we also really want to go to the Ben & Jerry’s graveyard!!). Click here for the full story

REUTERS: Hoopsters Put Circus-Inspired Spin On Cardio Workout
OK our inner school-girl is thrilled by this story (you do have an inner schoolgirl, right?). The hula hoop is making a comeback as a cardio and even meditative workout tool. Before you poo-poo the idea, consider that the ancient Greeks fashioned hoops from grapevines to exercise the hips. And check out the video. Click here for the full story.