ETNT Health is a new dedicated channel delivering the best advice to help treats patients like people, with simple, science-based articles that help you live a longer, happier life. Want to prevent chronic disease, fight cancer and diabetes, strengthen your heart, sleep more soundly, or reverse aging? ETNT Health is your resource for staying healthy and feeling your best.

Since launching in February 2020, ETNT Health has become a leading voice on the coronavirus, informing readers about signs and symptoms, ways to stay safe, doctors’ advice (including Dr. Fauci) and the dangers of Long COVID. Every piece is filled with expert guidance from the country's top experts—at Yale, the Mayo Clinic, and Mount Sinai, among others.

ETNT Health’s success has been rapid with record growth, reaching 10 million unique users a month on the website alone—and many more millions via our powerful syndication partners at MSN, Yahoo!, Smart News, Flipboard, and more. Maybe along the way, we saved a life or two; all we know is, our mission is to improve lives each and every day.